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[] Re: DIA-Chef warnt vor Tech-Bedrohungen,

Der komplette Text ist verfügbar unter 
Hier der Absatz zu Info-Ops. 

Global Threat Testimony
Vice Admiral Lowell E. Jacoby, USN
Director, Defense Intelligence Agency
Statement For The Record
Senate Armed Services Committee
12 February 2003


Information Operations. 
Adversaries recognize our reliance on advanced information systems and
understand that information superiority provides the U.S. unique
advantages. Accordingly, numerous potential foes are pursuing
information operations capabilities as a means to undermine domestic and
international support for U.S. actions, attack key parts of the U.S.
national infrastructure, and preclude our information superiority.
Information operations can involve psychological operations, physical
attacks against key information nodes, and computer network attacks.
These methods are relatively inexpensive, can have a disproportionate
impact on a target, and offer some degree of anonymity. I expect this
threat to grow significantly over the next several years.


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