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[] Rob Rosenberger (VMyths) klagt Antivirus-Industrie an,

Ein interessanter Text zur Frage, ob man der Antivirus-Industrie
vertrauen sollte, speziell wenn es um den Schutz von geheimen
Regierungscomputern geht.
Rosenbergers klare Antwort: Nein!
Ein provozierender Artikel, aber gerade daher lesenswert. Er wird
bestimmt für einige Diskussionen sorgen.
Ich empfehele, ihn online zu lesen, wo es eine Reihe von Links auf
Hintergrundstories gibt. Hier nur ein kleiner Ausschnitt.

U.S. gov't blindly trusts the antivirus industry

by Rob Rosenberger


Only in the antivirus industry -- I repeat, only in the antivirus 
industry! -- can you: 

1.  declare the entire planet as your customer base; 

2.  sell a product that routinely fails to do what you advertise it 
    can do; 

3.  rely on an addictive update model as your prime revenue stream; 

4.  rely on a global media fetish as your prime marketing stream; 

5.  configure your software so it deletes the important log files it 

6.  hire uncleared foreign nationals to write software that protects 
    top secret computers; 

7.  expect applause when you release hundreds of security patches for 
    your product each year; 

8.  ignore the blatant security flaws in your own product; 

9.  exploit the blatant security flaws in your competitors' products; 

10. engage in industrial espionage without fear of a government 

11. violate copyright laws and commit plagiarism with the blessing of 
    your corporate legal counsel; 

12. curb technological innovation through the use of bribery and/or 
    character assassination; 

13. refuse to alert your own customers to security threats discovered 
    by your competitors; 

14. supply hostile enemies with the technology to destroy your own 


15. make your customer-addicts feel perfectly comfortable with all of 
    the above! 


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