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[] Media Giant's "Rally for America" Sponsorship,

Hallo Liste!

... gerade gefunden - ein bisschen off topic, aber für die Aufarbeitung 
der Kriegsvorbereitung in den USA bestimmt ein interessanter Aspekt:
Published on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 by the Chicago Tribune

Media Giant's Rally Sponsorship Raises Questions
by Tim Jones

Some of the biggest rallies this month have endorsed President Bush's 
strategy against Saddam Hussein, and the common thread linking most of 
them is Clear Channel Worldwide Inc., the nation's largest owner of 
radio stations.

In a move that has raised eyebrows in some legal and journalistic 
circles, Clear Channel radio stations in Atlanta, Cleveland, San 
Antonio, Cincinnati and other cities have sponsored rallies attended by 
up to 20,000 people. The events have served as a loud rebuttal to the 
more numerous but generally smaller anti-war rallies.

The sponsorship of large rallies by Clear Channel stations is unique 
among major media companies, which have confined their activities in the 
war debate to reporting and occasionally commenting on the news. The San 
Antonio-based broadcaster owns more than 1,200 stations in 50 states and 
the District of Columbia.

While labor unions and special interest groups have organized and hosted 
rallies for decades, the involvement of a big publicly regulated 
broadcasting company breaks new ground in public demonstrations.

"I think this is pretty extraordinary," said former Federal 
Communications Commissioner Glen Robinson, who teaches law at the 
University of Virginia. "I can't say that this violates any of a 
broadcaster's obligations, but it sounds like borderline manufacturing 
of the news."

A spokeswoman for Clear Channel said the rallies, called "Rally for 
America," are the idea of Glenn Beck, a Philadelphia talk show host 
whose program is syndicated by Premier Radio Networks, a Clear Channel 
subsidiary. (...)

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