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[] Kriegsbeginn am 19.03. mit Commando Solo,
Posted: Mar. 22, 2003
Psychological Operations
Getting the U.S. message to Iraqis

Jeff Glasser, a U.S. News senior editor, is reporting from Central 
Command headquarters in Qatar.
(With Joellen Perry on the uss Constellation)

DOHA, QATAR-As the first bombs crashed down on Saddam Hussein's capital 
city shortly before dawn Thursday, an unusual message aired on Baghdad 
radio. "This is the day we have been waiting for," a speaker in Arabic 
declared. "The attack on Iraq has begun."

In an audacious escalation of the information war, U.S. Commando Solo 
EC-130E planes apparently "drowned out" Iraqi state radio and replaced 
it with an American broadcast, says Nick Grace, editor of, a Web site that monitors opposition radio 
stations. The Iraqis eventually changed frequency and restored 
programming three hours later, but the jamming demonstrated the 
importance the Pentagon is placing on psychological operations. (...)


Iraq Special
March 20, 2003

Iraq: Iraqi State Radio Replaced with U.S. Psyop Broadcast
By Nick Grace, CRW Washington
with wire and BBCM reports

[Mar 20] With the words "The facilities of the Iraqi regime have started
to  be hit... This is the day we have been waiting for... The attack on
Iraq has begun," the United States jammed and then obliterated Baghdad
Radio  with its own psychological war programming, Reuters reports, in
a remarkable move to control the airwaves over Iraq.

The sudden announcement occurred at approximately 0230 GMT. Contrary to
early reports that Iraqi state radio was seized by U.S. troops, its 
signal appears to have been drowned out from broadcasts over the 
airborne Commando Solo EC-130E psyop fleet. Its signal, according to 
multiple wire reports, disappeared from the airwaves after the surgical 

Iraqi television, meanwhile, remains on the air.

Radio Baghdad, Al-Shabab, and Sawt al-Jamahiriyah, Iranian radio 
reports, are responding to the psywar assault by shifting transmissions 
to new frequencies. (...)

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