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Interview auf Zone-H

SPAX and SyS64738

Since the war against Iraq has begun it has been accompained by a war on the Net mostly
done by antiwar Arab supporting opinionists but also done by same Americans.

Among them we find many known names (USG, DkD|[[, Hackeweiser) but also a lot of new names
(Arab VieruZ, and, probably skilled people who normally wouldn't hack or
deface but they took the occasion of this war to express themself in the most natural way
for their skills.

US based HackWeiser hacker group has been recently noticed for defacing . US websites
posting PRO-WAR proclamas. Zone-h has contacted HackWeiser founder Jack_Away and asked
about this apparently controversial episode:

<Zone-H> what is the sense of deface .US in SUPPORT of this war?

<Jak-Away> "Well its simple... think about defacements... If they are out of the country
then the only people that will see it are people that look at the mirrors. If you hit .US
sites... .com, a lot more people will see what you have to say.

It's all in logic, if you have something to say about a topic and your going to
deface... then do it on sites that are gonna get a lot more hits in your target audiance
else if its just for fun then who cares what the site is...

We wanted to let America know how we feel about the war: we feel that we need to be there,
we support the war, we support Bush, we support our troops. HackWeiser many times in the
past has shown support for the US. inthe China vs. US cyber war...

Project China was founded by HackWeiser... and The Dispatchers ... well let's not go into
that much but that was also founded by me. In the US and China cyber war there were
reports that over 70% of all the systems in the range were penetrated during the
dispatchers, well there was enought news on them. "

Besides HackWeiser one of the first hacker group to begin the ANTI-war defacements round
(in thousands) has been USG crew (Unix Security Guards). USG was formed on May 3rd 2002
and currently embedding four members: rD, ShellCode, Egyptian|Fighter and Inkubus.

USG is a quite controversary crew. On one side they contribute to the defacement havoc
(current targets attacked by USG: 2500, source: Zone-H database), on the other side they
coded programs and computers exploits some of them available at

They also wrote several advisories (some official advisory for Microsoft and
Mandrake-Linux) contributing actively to the IT security world more than many others.

In an attempt to clarify the resons behind those defacements we met rD, member and coder
of USG:

<rD^> "We deface because that's the way we can fight back since we can't grab guns, it's a
new era of Cyber war and we will not stop, more is about to come and the reason for that
is the injustice of the world".

We at Zone-H forecast that this is just the first wave of digital attacks and
protests. Attacking .gov and .mil leaves a greater sign than attacking anonimous websites.

We've asked to rD about what vulnerabilities do they normally use for their cyber attacks:

<rD^>: we use everything, Front Page extensions, ssh and ssl too. We did the latest
mass-defacements using a simple bug in Matt's Script WWWBoard.

WWWBoard is a threaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board that allows users
to post new messages, follow-up of existing ones and so on but it also allows to find a
DES encrypted webadmin password in a browsable file (/wwwboard/passwd.txt).

USG also told Zone-H what code they used to execute their latest mass defacments in a
matter of seconds: , coded by same rD that opens the
httpd.conf then deface all the sites there and then put it out in a file called post.log.

USG prapared this attack tool three months before Bush decision about War.

War technology is developing every day, but Cyber war technology doesn't like byte the

SPAX s-admin & SyS64738 founder
Original article: 


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