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[] Re: Check it out: ORF-ON FutureZone Artikel,

Hallo Liste,
zum Thema "Spam & Krieg" fand ich letztens folgenden Artikel bei
They die, you buy.
Candidate for the most repulsive spam of all time? An ad for a boobs and 
bombs T-shirt celebrating the destruction of Baghdad.
By Andrew Leonard/March 21, 2003

(...) The spam started flowing within an hour or two of the commencement 
of the massive bombardment of Iraq, the so-called shock and awe campaign 
meant to demoralize and cow Saddam Hussein into immediate submission. (...)
The first wave carried the timely subject header "Shock and Awe." The 
body of the spam was an advertisement for a T-shirt emblazoned with the 
hearty call to arms: "Give Saddam Some Hooah." On the shirt, against a 
backdrop of the American flag, is a picture of a naked woman sitting on 
top of a MOAB bomb, the "Massive Ordnance Air Burst" (aka "mother of all 
bombs") that is the latest lethal addition to the U.S. arsenal. The 
woman's breasts are covered with a ribbon that reads "But make sure to 
bring your hooah back home."
Of course it might all just be a joke cooked up by someone with 
Photoshop, time on their hands, a couple of free e-mail accounts and 
access to spam-bot technology. Maybe there aren't any real T-shirts to 
be purchased by e-mailing gousa -!
- concepts365 -
 com -
  If so, it's a stab at 
humor whose instant, worldwide impact would never have been possible in 
the pre-Internet age. At the very moment that Iraqis are dying horribly, 
blown to smithereens by Tomahawk cruise missiles and other 
state-of-the-art killing machines, the Net is enabling the real-time 
purchase of T-shirts (or the images of T-shirts) celebrating the slaughter.
It's the miracle of cyberspace. You can't get stuff like this on cable 
TV -- even on Fox News! Only on the Internet can someone send this "They 
die, you buy" message out to so many, so fast.

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