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[] Where are the WMD?,

Was zum Zitieren:
Scott Ritter heute zu der auch auf den CentCom-Briefings in Doha täglich 
aufs Neue gern gestellten Frage:

Where are the weapons?
Radio Netherlands Iraq war dossier, 9 April 2003

With the battle for Baghdad fizzling out without the use of chemical 
weapons by Iraqi troops, Washington's critics are demanding to know what 
has happened to Saddam Hussein's purported weapons of mass destruction. 
Former chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq Scott Ritter is one of those 
who has heaped scorn upon President George Bush's administration for 
going to war. In this interview with RN's Saskia van Reenan, Mr Ritter, 
a former US marine officer, explains why he sees US justifications for 
waging war as dishonest excuses for empire-building.

"The threat that Iraq poses from weapons of mass destruction I think has 
been clearly exposed as a lie. We were told to expect chemical weapons 
to rain down on troops as soon as they crossed over the border from 
Kuwait into Iraq, but that didn't happen. We were then told that as we 
closed in on the so-called 'red line' around Baghdad - the 50-mile 
circle - that as soon as we breached that, chemical weapons would be 
used. That didn't happen. Then we said chemical weapons would be used as 
a last-gasp defence of Baghdad but that didn't happen. What chemical 
weapons? We were told that the presidential palaces were brimming over 
with weapons of mass destruction, but we now occupy many of the 
presidential palaces and we've found nothing." (...)

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