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[] PBS Jim Lehrer's NewsHour on Arab Media (06.04.03),

April 6, 2003

Al-Jazeera, Abu Dhabi TV and a host of other pan-Arab media services have been covering the fighting in Iraq as ferociously, or even moreso, than their counterparts in the U.S. While American and Arab reporters in Iraq are covering the same conflict, in the Arab media this is a very different war, seen from a distinct perspective.
Pictures that many U.S. media have chosen not to show, such as images of dead American soldiers, have been aired repeatedly on Arab television. U.S and British troops are often described as "invaders," "occupying forces," or even "liberators." And while some media in the region claim to present both sides, many state-run networks and newspapers mostly cover civilian resentment, hardship and unhappiness with the war.
Tonight on a special Sunday edition of the NewsHour, media correspondent Terence Smith analyses how various Arab media are covering the war with Mamoun Fandy, Georgetown University professor, media critic and syndicated columnist, and Stonehill College professor Mohammed el-Nawawy, co-author of Al Jazeera: How the Free Arab News Network Scooped the World and Changed the Middle East.

Visit after 9 pm Eastern time for more information on this segment.

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