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[] Wolfowitz Drops Bombshell,


Das hier habe ich bei entdeckt:

Wednesday 11th June, 2003

Wolfowitz Drops Bombshell, Infers Iraq War Was About Oil

"In company with Senators Jack Reed and Charles Hagel, in a question and=20
answer session following the IISS Asia Security Conference, in Singapore=20
Saturday before last, in answering a question asking why the administration=
was sending out mixed signals on North Korea, compared to the action being=20
taken in Iraq, Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz said, =93Look, the primary=20
difference -- to put it a little too simply -- between North Korea and Iraq=
is that we had virtually no economic options with Iraq because the country=20
floats on a sea of oil=94."

Das ist ein Zitat aus dem Artikel. Das dazugeh=F6rige Transkript k=F6nnt ih=
r auf=20
der Seite des DoDs finden, und zwar genau hier:

Viele Gr=FC=DFe,


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