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[] New Republic: The Selling of the Iraq War,

Zum Thema "Informationsmanagement" durch das WH:

The First Casualty

by John B. Judis & Spencer Ackerman
The New Repulic
Post date: 06.19.03
Issue date: 06.30.03


... there was no consensus within the American intelligence 
community that Saddam represented such a grave and imminent 
threat. Rather, interviews with current and former intelligence 
officials and other experts reveal that the Bush administration culled 
from U.S. intelligence those assessments that supported its position 
and omitted those that did not. The administration ignored, and even 
suppressed, disagreement within the intelligence agencies and 
pressured the CIA to reaffirm its preferred version of the Iraqi threat. 
Similarly, it stonewalled, and sought to discredit, international 
weapons inspectors when their findings threatened to undermine the 
case for war.

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