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Krypto und Erpressung

Von einem Freund geforwarded. ist nicht direkt Infowar, aber doch ein
interessantes Leerstueck. Wenn es wirklich so war.

>So far I have only found one English item in the news about this.
>So let me translate some of the dutch information about this
>interesting case :
>A 45-year old chip designer from Utrecht was arrested June 3.
>He confessed to have tried to blackmail the 'Campina' food company.
>He had threatened to poison their products, and demanded 200.000 euro.
>The most remarkable thing about this case is however how he
>communicated with Campina, and how he thought to receive the money.
>He forced Campina to open a bank account, and get a 'world card' with
>it. Then they had to deposit 200.000 Euro on it (about 185.000
>US dollar). He ordered them to buy a credit card reader, and read the
>information off the magnetic-stripe of the 'world card'.
>Then they had to send him the output of the card reader, together with
>the pin code. With this information, he then could create a copy of
>the 'world card' using a card-writer and a blank card.
>To send him the information, he made them use steganography!
>Campina received an envelope via snailmail containing a floppy with a
>stego program and instructions.
>They had to encode the 'world card' info into a picture of a red VW
>golf, using the stego program, and a fixed crypto key that was
>included in the envelope.
>Finally, they had to place the picture in a fake add on a website
>where large amounts of people sell/buy second hand cars.
>He would then read the add, and make a copy of the picture.
>Decode the stego info out of it, write his own copy of the card,
>and withdraw money. Without ever having personal contact with Campina
>(or the police). To be real clever, he did not approach the website
>with the car adds directly. Police found out the add was approached
>trough a US anonymizer called claims on their 
>website :
>"We will not give out your name, residence address, or e-mail address
>to any third parties without your permission, for any reason, at any
>time, ever."
>The Utrecht police informed the FBI, and asked for assistance. Within
>24 hours, the FBI cracked the case, supplying the Dutch police with
>a '' e-mail address and some financial data.
>This data led to the 45 year old chip programmer.
>After his identity was known, the police ofcourse started surveillance on
>him. The 'desert terrorist' was arrested red-handed when he withdrew money
>from an ATM using the world-card copy....
>Barry Wels.
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