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[] Studie der IT-Industrie: MS gefährdet internationale Sicherheit,
Die Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) - wer auch immer 
das ist, MS hat da nichts zu melden - hat eine Studie zum Thema Micosoft 
und Sicherheit herausgegeben
"CyberInsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly. How the Dominance of Microsoft's 
Products Poses a Risk to Security." 
Mitgeschrieben hat u.a. Bruce Schreier, dessen Name auf der Liste ja schon 
desöfteren erwähnt wurde.

"Yet, as fast as the world's computing infrastructure is growing, security 
vulnerabilities within it are growing faster still. The security situation 
is deteriorating, and that deterioration compounds when nearly all 
computers in the hands of end users rely on a single operating system 
subject to the same vulnerabilities the world over.
Because Microsoft's near-monopoly status itself magnifies security risk, 
it is essential that society become less dependent on a single operating 
system from a single vendor if our critical infrastructure is not to be 
disrupted in a single blow. The goal must be to break the monoculture.
The threats to international security posed by Windows are significant, 
and must be addressed quickly."

Nicht nur Microsoft beherrscht das Lobbying.
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