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[] [Fwd: [INFOPEACE-ANNOUNCE] New InfoIntervention on Network Pathologies],

Neue "InfoIntervention" des InfoTechWarPeace Projektes an der Brown University, USA

Thema: Network Pathologies

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Date: 2003/10/21 Tue PM 05:07:38 EDT
Subject: [INFOPEACE-ANNOUNCE] New InfoIntervention on Network Pathologies

The Information Technology, War, and Peace Project, a research
initiative of the Watson Institute's Global Security Program, announces
a new posting entitled Network Pathologies. This InfoIntervention
explores the logic of networks and pathologies -- political and
otherwise -- and seeks to determine to the novel impact of networks in
a technological era. What happens when virtual, actual, and social
pathologies and pathogens are unleashed in a highly networked global

In his introductory essay, principal investigator, James Der Derian
introduces the concept of network pathologies -- the emergent
psychological framework for postmodern politics increasingly prevalent
in both institutional and radical political thought. Der Derian cites a
prescient 1998 study of network pathology in action: a simulation of
cyber-terror leads to a war in the Middle East as the virtual enters
the real through a cascade effect of blackouts, misperceptions and

In his essay "Towards a Virtual Body Politic?" Sean Molloy, a Visiting
Scholar at the Watson Institute, ponders the transition from
governmental metaphors based on the concept of the "artificial" person
of the State to the virtual politics of global networks of power.
Molloy argues that the virtual and the "real" are merging, a
convergence of modes of being that produces a need for a
reconsideration of the concept of the body politic and the relationship
of the parts to the whole.

Distinguished media critic Geert Lovink comments on the cultural
pathology of hacktivism (activist hacking), arguing for hacktivists to
take themselves seriously as part of an important political project
with long term goals. The InfoIntervention also features clippings and
links that explore the connections between pathologies and networks.

This new InfoIntervention adds to InfoTechWarPeace's extensive online
resource of 911 InfoInterventions, which offers detailed analysis of
September 11 and its aftermath. The interventions are recognized by the
September 11 Digital Archive as among the best sites on the web.

The Project also maintains websites on the Dis/Simulations of War and
Peace Symposium, 911+1 The Perplexities of Security: A Multimedia
Exhibition and Forum, TACT Symposium, and Virtual Y2K Symposium.

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