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[] Homeland Security: Cox Stresses Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness,

Select Committee on Homeland Security
For Immediate Release
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Contact: Vince Sollitto
Liz Tobias
Cox Stresses the Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness for our Nation

Today the National Cyber Security Alliance held their "Roll Back the
Clock" Press Conference at the National Press Club to continue raising
awareness of the importance of cybersecurity and to encourage all
Internet users to protect their computer systems and personal
information. As Americans roll back their clocks on October 26, the Stay
Safe Online Campaign designates this day to promote cybersecurity and
protection practices among businesses, foundations and home Internet
users. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Christopher Cox issued
the following statement: 

"I applaud the efforts of the Cyber Security Alliance for their
awareness outreach to cyber-consumers at home and at work. Cybersecurity
requires team efforts such as this, as the government cannot do it
alone. The House Homeland Security Committee has made cybersecurity a
priority for the nation and the Department of Homeland Security. Over
the past few months, we have accomplished a great deal in the way of
awareness for Congress and the public as our Subcommittee on
Cybersecurity, Science and Research and Development held six public
hearings to discuss cybersecurity across government and the private
sector and sponsored a cybersecurity workshop that was open to House and
Senate staffers to increase their cyber awareness. 

"Our work is far from over. In the coming months the Committee will be
focused on Department of Homeland Security cyber initiatives, such as
defining a national framework for cyber standards and best practices and
evaluation of the best model for the industry sector partnership with
government. In addition, we want to ensure consistency in measuring
costs of cyberattacks to our nation and plan to work with the
Administration and the private sector to develop an economic cost model
from which to work. Likely as important as anything else, the Committee
will encourage the private sector, which owns and operates the majority
of our information infrastructure, to assist in defining the "best"
approach to securing our nation's critical infrastructure. In all of our
efforts, we want to work with the public and private sectors to ensure
there is open and public dialogue as solutions are identified. No one
can do this alone."

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