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[] CfP: International Conference on Politics and Information Systems,

Sie suchen auch Papers zu Cyber-Security - wer also mal nach Florida


International Conference on Politics and Information Systems: 
Technologies and Applications (PISTA ´04)
July 21-25, 2004 - Orlando, Florida, USA

Call for

PISTA ?04 Organizing Committee invites authors to submit their original
and unpublished works, innovations, ideas based on analogical thinking,
problems that require solutions, position papers, case studies, etc., in
the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). ICT
researchers are invited to present their research results. Practitioners
and consultants are invited to present case study papers and innovative
solutions. Corporations are invited to present political information
systems and software based solutions. Public servers are invited to
present case studies, information systems developed for specific
purpose, and innovative ideas and designs. Political and social
scientists are invited to present research or position papers on the
impact and the future possibilities of ICT in Societal systems and
political processes. Politician and political consultants are invited to
present problems that might be solved by means of ICT, or solutions that
might be improved by different approaches and design in ICT.

All are invited to organize panel or invited sessions. Panel sessions
with panelists coming from both: ICT researcher/practitioners and
political consultants or politicians are highly encouraged.

Submitted papers must describe work not previously published. They must
not be submitted concurrently to another conference with refereed

You can find complete information about the conference in our web page

PISTA ?04 Organization

General Chair: Prof.: Jose Vicente Carrasquero
Organizing Committee Chair: Prof: Angel Oropeza

Organized by the IIIS: The International Institute of Informatics and
Conference Areas and

Informatics and Society

Social Informatics. Cyber-Civics.
Digital Libraries.
Communicating Culture. Culture Shifts and the Transformation of Politics
Digital Cities.
Global E-Quality. E-Development.
Internet and society. What is New about the "New Media".
Societal and political impact of Mobile communications.
Politics and the Internet. Politics in Mediatized Cultures.
Computer mediated Communications. Political Communication and Public
Informatics for Education. Computer Mediated Education. The e-literate
Networking Schools, Universities and Communities.
Citizenship in the Information Society. Citizenship, New Media and
Political Action.

Informatics, Voting and Political Parties

Informatics and Political Campaigns.
Online Campaigning. On-line Polling. Political Advertising.
Leaders, Elections and Parties and New Media. Informational Power.
E-democracy and E-participation. Democracy and New Media.
The effects of mobile communication on public participation and
political mobilization.
Political Information.

Informatics and Government

Electronic Government. Web-Enabled Government. Local E-government.
Telematics for Development. Telematics as Agent of Social Change.
Open Source for National and Local eGovernment Programs
Citizens and Public Administration in the Information Age.
Open Source for National and Local eGovernment Programs.
Political Forces shaping Innovations and Diffusion of Information and
Communication Technologies. Information Politics. The Politics of Inf.
E-administration. E-public services. Web Self-Service in the Public
E-Gov. Information Assurance.
Process Models and Software for E-democracy. E-communities.
Software for Dialog and Argumentation.
Intergovernmental Informatics.
Citizens and Governance in an Open Knowledge-Based Society.
E-reality and E-economy.
Cyberspace Security.

Ethical and Legal Issues related to Informatics

Ethical, Legal and societal Challenges of Cyberspace.
Legal Informatics.
Legal Knowledge and Information Systems.
Cyber-Ethics. Ethical issues in computing and Informatics.

Abstracts and Paper Drafts Submission

Papers might be submitted via web page, as extended
abstracts (500-2000 words) or as full papers drafts (2000-5000 words).

Reviews will be done for both kinds of submissions.

Invited Sessions proposals can be done filling the form given in the web

More information about Invited Sessions Organization could be found at
the web

December  22nd, 2003: Submission of extended abstracts (500-1500) words
or paper

Drafts (2000-5000) words.

December  22nd, 2003: Invited session proposals.

February  13th, 2004: Notifications of Acceptance.

April  13th, 2004: Submission of final versions: hard copies and
electronic versions.

Some invited sessions might have a different timetable according to its
organizer and chair

Papers Reviewing and

Submitted papers will be reviewed. Accepted papers, which should not
six single-spaced typed pages, will be published by means of paper and
proceedings. Authors of accepted papers must sign a copyright release

SCI Journal will publish, at least, the best 10% of the papers presented
at the conference.


The registration fees will be $300 before the deadline, and $350 after
the deadline.
This fee will include exclusively:
* A CD-ROM version of the Proceedings
* One volume of the hard copy version of the Conference Proceedings.
* Coffee breaks
* Welcome Reception

Each registration fee might include just one paper, which presentation
will be included in the conference program and published in the
conference proceedings.


The only audiovisual equipment provided for most meetings will be an
overhead projector and a screen. Video projection or any other
equipment, if needed, will have to be supplied by the presenter.

Details can be found at the Conference web page:

Answers to specific questions can also be requested by e-mail:
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- confinf -
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 pista04 -!
- confinf -

We are looking forward to meeting you at PISTA ?04 conference, in

Organizing Committee

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