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[] New Security Paradigms Workshop 2004, Call For Papers,

Call for Papers
New Security Paradigms Workshop 2004
An ACSA-sponsored workshop
September 20-23, 2004 White Point Beach Resort, Nova Scotia, Canada

For twelve years the New Security Paradigms Workshop (NSPW) has
provided a stimulating and highly interactive forum for innovative
approaches to computer security. The workshop offers a constructive
environment for experienced researchers and practitioners as well as
newer participants in the field. The result is a unique opportunity to
exchange ideas. NSPW 2004 will take place September 20 - 23 at
theWhite Point Beach Resort, located on the southern shore of
beautiful Nova Scotia. The resort can be reached by air via Halifax or
by ferry from Portland, Maine.

In order to preserve the small, focused nature of the workshop,
participation is limited to authors of accepted papers and conference
organizers. NSPW is unique in format and highly interactive in nature.
Each paper is typically the focus of 45 to 60 minutes of presentation
and discussion. Authors are encouraged to present ideas that might be
considered risky in some other forum, and all participants are charged
with providing feedback in a constructive manner. The resulting
intensive brainstorming has proven to be an excellent medium for
furthering the development of these ideas. The proceedings, which are
published after the workshop, have consistently benefited from the
inclusion of workshop feedback.

Because we expect new paradigms, we accept wide-ranging topics in
information security. Papers that present a significant shift in
thinking about difficult security issues or builds on a previous shift
are welcomed. Our program committee particularly looks for new
paradigms, innovative approaches to older problems, early thinking on
new topics, and controversial issues that might not make it into other
conferences but deserve to have their try at shaking and breaking the

We welcome three categories of submission: research papers, 5 - 10
page position papers, and discussion topic proposals. Discussion topic
proposals should include an in-depth description of the topic to be
discussed, a convincing argument that the topic will lead to a lively
discussion, and supporting materials. Submissions must be accompanied
by a justification statement (why this is a new paradigm) and an
attendance statement (how many authors expect to attend). All
attendees are expected to stay for the entire duration of the

Detailed submission information and instructions may be found at

Important dates:

Submission Deadline April 10, 2004
Notification of acceptance: June 16, 2004

We expect to offer a limited amount of financial aid to those who
it. More information will be provided on our web site as
it becomes available.

Workshop General and Vice Chairs

Carla Marceau
33 Thornwood Dr. Suite 500
Ithaca, NY 14850
Email: carla -!
- atc-nycorp -
Voice: +1 (607) 266-7110

Simon Foley
Department of Computer Science
University College Cork
Cork, Ireland
Email: s -
 foley -!
- cs -
 ucc -
Voice: +353 21 490 2929 

Local Arrangements

Carrie Gates
Dalhousie University
gates -!
- cs -
 dal -

Financial Aid

Hilary Hosmer
Data Security Inc.
hosmer -!
- datasecinc -

John McHugh
jmchugh -!
- cert -


Victor Raskin
Purdue University
vraskin -!
- purdue -


Abe Singer
San Diego Supercomputer Center
University of California, San Diego

Program Committee Co-Chairs

R. Sekar
Department of Computer Science
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794
Email: sekar -!
- cs -
 sunysb -
Voice: +1 (631) 632-5758

John McHugh
4500 5th Avenue, Room 4204
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
Email: jmchugh -!
- cert -
Voice:+1 (412) 268-7737

Program Committee

William Arbaugh
University of Maryland
blakley -!
- us -
 ibm -

Bob Blakley
blakley -!
- us -
 ibm -

Carrie Gates
Dalhousie University
gates -!
- cs -
 dal -

Steve Greenwald
Independent Consultant
sjg6 -!
- gate -

Carla Marceau
carla -!
- atc-nycorp -

Ken Olthoff
olthoff -!
- earthlink -

Vern Paxson
International Computer Science Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National
vern -!
- icir -

Ahmad Sadeghi
Ruhr University Bochum
sadeghi -!
- crupto -
 rub -

Marv Schaefer
Books With A Past
bwapast -!
- erols -

Matthias Schunter
IBM Research
mts -!
- zurich -
 ibm -

VN Venkatakrishnan
Stony Brook University
venkat -!
- cs -
 sunysb -

Mary Ellen Zurko
IBM Software Group
mzurko -!
- us -
 ibm -

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