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[] erster Cybercrime and Information Security Survey aus den Phillippinen,

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From: Albert P. de la Cruz <abet -!
- ph-cert -

About the Survey

Just like its U.S. counterpart, this survey should be taken as "Raw
Intelligence". The means used to gather the figures have been done
using any scientific research method or strategy. This survey was
conducted for the primary purpose of obtaining a ?snapshot? of current
information security situations from various organizations and should
in any way be used as basis for extrapolating number of intrusions,
financial losses or economic predictions.

Permission for Reprint

PH-CERT offers this report as a public service to anyone who wants to
obtain a copy as long as it will not be done for commercial purposes and
that Ph-CERT will be properly credited and acknowledged. Rights to
are permitted free-of-charge to any government institution or non-profit
organization. Private Corporations who wish to reprint this survey along
with their marketing collaterals and respective logos should contact the
Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team (PH-CERT).

The Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team (PH-CERT)
Metro Manila, Philippines
Email: info -!
- ph-cert -
Mobile: +63.917.811.2238

The Document can be downloaded from

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