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[] CFP: Virus Hysteria InfoIntervention,

Dear Infowar Listmembers -

In response to recent reports such as the ones circulating on this list, as the preparation for an upcoming exhibition and forum on NETWORK PATHOLOGIES, and to update a prior InfoIntervention on the theme [available at] - the InfoTechWarPeace Project at the Watson Institute for International Studies is planning an InfoIntervention on "Virus Hyteria" for April 2004.

We are currently looking for scholars, writers, artists willing to contribute short analyses (links to previously published pieces will also be considered and authors retain the option to publish materials elsewhere). If you are interested, please send me a short abstract by February 20th. 

Considering the expertise of the infowar listmembers and our overlapping interests, we hope this might be the beginning of future collaboration. Please do not hesitate to contact the project's co-investigator (James_Der_Derian -!
- brown -
 edu) or myself (Annick_Wibben -!
- brown -
 edu) with questions or suggestions.


Co-Investigator InfoTechWarPeace

Annick T.R. Wibben, Ph.D.

Watson Fellow, Brown University

Email: Annick_Wibben -!
- brown -
Phone: 401.863.3473

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