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[] [ ALERT] Absurd MyDoom damage values,

Jetzt hat auch VMyths einen Alert zu den übertriebenen Schadensmeldungen
von MyDoom herausgegeben. Mal sehen, ob mi2g wieder dagegen klagt. ;-)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [ ALERT] Absurd MyDoom damage values
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 23:05:25 -0500
From: Virus Hysteria Alert <vmyths_news -!
- vmyths -
To: " Virus Hoax Alert" <virushoax_alert -!
- lyris -
 rissnet -
 net> Virus Hysteria Alert
{2 February 2004, 22:05 CT}

In our previous Hysteria Alert, we predicted "someone will soon declare
a 'guesstimate' damage value for the MyDoom virus/worm, strictly for its
PR value."  Vmyths named mi2g as one of the more dubious candidates.

mi2g played its PR card with a wag of $38.5 billion in global damages. 
We dismiss it as completely absurd.  mi2g's guesstimate is:
   * 1.6% of the U.S. federal budget proposed for the next fiscal year;
   * 40% of the damage to New York City on 9/11/01; and
   * more than double the cost of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

mi2g has pulled PR stunts since 1999 on an almost regular basis.  See for a critical look at the
firm's shenanigans.

Unfortunately, gullible reporters have already started to latch onto
this latest PR stunt.  The Web Host Industry Review, for example,
published it in breathless tones.  Vmyths believes major media outlets
will fall like dominoes -- mi2g's declaration is simply too large for
them to ignore.

It sounds incredible to say it, but mi2g now demands money if you want
to read press releases associated with their PR stunts.  You'll pay
"£29.38 (including taxes)" just to read their "$38.5 billion" press
release, for example.  Visit if you don't believe us.

We asked it before and we'll ask it again.  Why do British fearmongers
so often give guesstimates in U.S. dollars?

mi2g has threatened to sue Vmyths for libel (see for details) and this Hysteria
Alert may lead to a renewed effort to crush us.  For the record: we
stand by our criticisms of mi2g.  However, Vmyths prides itself for an
industry-leading "corrections & clarifications" page.  Anyone may write
to VeaCulpa -!
- Vmyths -
 com to contest our claims & accusations.  Anyone may
visit to rebut our opinions &

Do the math.  Stay calm.  Stay reasoned.  And stay tuned to Vmyths.

Rob Rosenberger, editor
(319) 646-2800

Mary Landesman,

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