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[] House question Ridge on IT security,

Subtext: "Wir glauben, dass ihr (DHS) nichts gemacht habt bisher!"

House question Ridge on IT security

BY Florence Olsen
FCW, May 4, 2004

Members of the House Select Committee on Homeland Security want more
specifics on the administration's cybersecurity plans.

Last week, four members sent a bipartisan letter to Homeland Security
Department Secretary Tom Ridge asking what the agency was doing to carry
out the President's National Strategy to Secure Cyber Space.

It was the second letter that members of Congress have sent to Ridge in
the past two months expressing cybersecurity concerns. In March, Sen.
Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) sent Ridge a 21-page letter asking 57
questions about DHS work on cybersecurity.

The House members who sent the April 29 letter said they needed to know
more about DHS' cybersecurity plans to make certain the agency has
enough money to carry them out.

The letter also suggested that the National Cyber Security Division
might need to be elevated within DHS, with its director perhaps
reporting to the undersecretary for information analysis and
infrastructure protection or to Ridge himself.

The letter was signed by Christopher Cox (R-Calif.), Select Committee
chairman; Jim Turner (D-Texas), ranking committee member; Mac Thornberry
(R-Texas), chairman of the Cybersecurity, Science and Research and
Development Subcommittee; and subcommittee ranking member Zoe Lofgren

The lawmakers asked Ridge to respond by May 10, citing their work on the
fiscal 2005 authorization bill for DHS as the reason for the short

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