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[] US to buy Stealth bomber detecting radar,

Where'd we put 'em? US to buy Stealth bomber detecting radar
By John Lettice (john -
 lettice -!
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Published Thursday 20th May 2004 13:30 GMT

The one country that surely doesn't need to find out where Stealth bombers 
might be is buying a radar system that is claimed to be able to detect 
them. The USA is reported 
( to be negotiating 
to buy a set of Vera radars from the Czechs, the quid pro quo being that a 
deal to sell them to China does not go ahead.

Vera is the successor to the Tamara radar system, which has been alleged 
to have been responsible for the loss of an F-117 in Kosovo. This was also 
the subject of a panic 
two years ago when it was suspected two systems were among the many 
fiendish toys that Saddam Hussein had acquired. As these appear not to 
have shown up in Iraq, we can presumably carry on panicking about who else 
has got them.

The rationale behind the current proposed US purchase is that the US wants 
to test the radar's effectiveness. But it is also reportedly concerned 
that China could use the system to detect US ships and aircraft off 
Taiwan. The Chinese deal was worth $55.5m, but the Czech government is now 
expected cancel the export licence. Proprietors of suspect countries 
wishing to earn commission from future Vera sales to the US government 
should presumably contact Czech weapons company Thomas CZ, and remember to 
write a large cancellation fee into the contract. ?
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