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[] (Fwd) [IMD-L] CFP: Encyclopedia of Digital Government,

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Subject:        	[IMD-L] CFP: Encyclopedia of Digital Government
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| Date: 5 Jul 2004 16:55:00 +0300
| Subject: CFP: Encyclopedia of Digital Government


Please feel free to distribute this call for articles to colleagues
you think could be interested in contributing to this project.

                  Call for Articles

Public administration, public governance and=20public sector
organizations all over the world face a major challenge.
The application of new knowledge and new digital
technologies are transforming the ways in which public
administrations are organized, governed and how they work
to serve their citizens and interact with various

The Encyclopedia of Digital Government will be an important
new publication documenting the current trends and
developments, challenges, and future prospects of digital
government or e-government at different institutional
levels and in different parts of the world. It will
provide a broad basis for understanding the issues,
technologies, theories, applications, opportunities,
and challenges faced by public administrations and public
organizations today in their quest for better, more
effective, and more citizen-oriented government.

The Encyclopedia of Digital Government=20(in one or two
volumes) will feature short articles (1,500-3,500+ words)
authored by leading experts offering in-depth descriptions
of key issues, terms and concepts related to different areas
in digital government. In addition, the encyclopedia will
provide a compendium of terms, definitions and explanations
of concepts, models, and acronyms.

This important new publication will circulate worldwide
among academic and professional institutions and will be
instrumental in providing researchers, scholars, students
and professionals access to the latest knowledge on digital

Invited Submissions:

To ensure that this publication has the most current
and relevant information possible, we are asking experts,
practitioners and scholars well known for their particular
area of research, to contribute short articles on
suggested topics (see the web site at or other related
topics in their area of interest.

Individuals interested should submit an email to either
of the editors listing name, affiliation and background
information plus one or more topics on which a short article
could be contributed. A brief description of the suggested
article is appreciated. We encourage potential contributors
to consider also topics not included in our list of topics,
especially if the topic is related to the area of their
special expertise. If any of the proposals is closely
related to a previously published article, we ask
contributors to include the reference in the message.

Proposals will be accepted based on pertinence criteria
and topic balancing needs. First selections will be made
between 15th and 20th July 2004 and announced soon after.
After that new proposals will be processed once a=20month.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, contributors will have
two to three months to prepare their article including
7-10=20related terms and their appropriate definitions.
Guidelines for preparing your contributions, a suggested
list of topics and a sample article can be found at

All contributions will undergo a peer-review process
upon receipt. The book will be published by Idea Group Inc.
( and is tentatively scheduled
for publication in late 2005.

Inquiries and Submissions should be forwarded to:

Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko
Department of Local Government Studies,
FIN-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
Email: Ari-Veikko -
 Anttiroiko -!
- uta -
 fi; Tel.: +358-3-215 7009


Matti M=E4lki=E4
The Police College of Finland, P.O. Box 13,
FIN-02151 Espoo, Finland
Email: Matti -
 Malkia -!
- pakk -
 poliisi -
 fi; Fax: +358-9-8388 3500

Further details and updates to the CFP can be found at:


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