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[] Data Retention: EDRi and PI call for action,

Urgent call to sign-on to answer to data retention

Privacy International and European Digital Rights have published their
joint answer to the consultation on mandatory data retention. The
Directorate Generals on Information Society and on Justice and Home
Affairs from the European Commission asked for public comments on a
proposed retention regime across Europe between 12 and 36 months for
all traffic data generated by using telephony (fixed and mobile) and

The deadline for comments expires on 15 September 2004. Privacy
International and the 15 member organisations of European Digital
Rights call on all organisations to sign on to this answer.

Read the full answer at: 

Sign-on to the answer (deadline 15.09.2004. 10.00 AM)!
Please send an e-mail to edrigram -!
- edri -
 org <mailto:edrigram -!
- edri -
and the name of your organisation will be added to the list published 
soon on this EDRI website.

*Andreas Dietl *

EU Affairs Director
European Digital Rights

T: +32 2 660 47 81
M: +32 498 34 56 86
andreas -!
- edri -

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