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[] Naval Academy knows its cybersecurity

Die haben mit Arquilla und Denning auch einige der besten Leute da. Ausserdem sind sie in Monterey am nächsten dran an Silicon Valley. ;-)

Naval Academy knows its cybersecurity

By Dawn S. Onley
GCN Staff

The United States Naval Academy beat out the four other service
academies in the annual Cyber Defense Exercise, designed to equip
students with the ability to protect the nation's critical information

Sponsored by the National Security Agency, CDX challenges each academy
team to design, build and configure a real-world computer network
simulating a deployed joint service command. A network operations
"red" team, composed of NSA and Defense personnel, then identifies the
vulnerabilities and attempts to hack each network over a four-day

The teams are evaluated on how well they maintain services, as well as
on efforts to detect, respond to and recover from network security

"The CDX brings practical experience into the classroom," according to
a NSA release.

The United States Air Force Academy and the United States Military
Academy tied for runners-up. Other participants were the United States
Merchant Marine Academy, last year's winner, and the United States
Coast Guard Academy.

The NSA Information Assurance Director's Trophy will remain at the
Naval Academy until next year's exercise.

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