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[] Re: NATO call for proposals on Information and Communications Security

Date sent:      	Tue, 2 Aug 2005 11:55:56 +0200
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Subject:        	NATO call for proposals on Information and Communications Security
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> NATO call for proposals on Information and Communications Security
> The NATO 'Security through Science' Programme now supports activities in
> the priority research area of 'Information and Communications Security (ICS)'.
> Mechanisms supported are
> advanced research workshops and summer schools, collaborative linkage
> grants applied R&D projects (Science for Peace Projects reintegration grants
> Priority will be given to security-related aspects of information systems
> and communications networks.
> The following areas are included:
> Encouraging Security Awareness
> a. Security workshop b. Risk assessment and management c. Security policies
> and standards Infrastructure Security and Reliability
> a. Physical protection and resources b. Organizational protection of
> resources c. Security tools and network services Information Security
> a. Back-up and physical protection b. Disaster contingency planning and
> management c. Identification and authorization d. Privacy and data
> protection Cyber Crime and Terrorism
> a. Illegal use of systems b. Fraud and embezzlement c. Use of Information
> and Communications Technologies systems for and against terrorist
> activities d. Establishing a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
> infrastructure.
> All information on the NATO Security through Science Programme, including
> application forms, is available from the NATO 'Security through Science'
> website at:
> <>
> and
> <>
> The next deadline to send in applications is 1 September 2005.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Oliver Benjamin Hemmerle

Dr. Oliver Benjamin Hemmerle, M.A.
Postfach 120840
68059 Mannheim (Baden)
BR Deutschland / RF d'Allemagne / FR of Germany

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