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[] neue Mailingliste für Info-Assurance bei

[INFOCON] IA-InfoSec Mailing List
Wanja Eric Naef w.naef at
Thu Jul 14 23:13:46 BST 2005

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[The list has finally been launched. Michael Huggins (CISSP CTOC USN (ret)) is the list moderator. WEN]

IA-InfoSec -- deals with international, national and regional security
assurance issues, these include but are not limited to education, best
practices, awareness, standards governance and policy.

[IA/InfoSec] - This listing would be utilized to share information relevant to the holistic view of security from a cyber perspective. This will be supplemented with open-source information links providing continuity, integrity and availability resources. All attempts will be made to stay vendor neutral and unbiased to operating system. It will provide upcoming security awareness events that are not normally advertised and cover how to obtain information such as those from the training products site. This will also provide timely information that Cyber Security professionals can share with their brothers-in-arms of the physical, administrative, operational and other security realms.

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