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[] (Fwd) [ARMYLIB] new scholarly Homeland Security e-jr.

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The Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Homeland Defense and Security
[CHDS] is pleased to announce the publication of its new peer-reviewed
on-line journal, Homeland Security Affairs --  

This non-subscription peer-reviewed journal, to be published quarterly,
provides a forum to propose and debate strategies, policies and
organizational arrangements to strengthen U.S. Homeland Security.

The inaugural issue of Homeland Security Affairs focuses on Prevention.
Upcoming issues will focus on Critical Infrastructure Protection,
Intelligence and Information Sharing and Border Security.  Submissions
of articles on these and other topics relating to homeland defense and
security are welcome at  

Greta E. Marlatt
Information Services Manager &
Homeland Security Digital Library Content Team 
Dudley Knox Library
Naval Postgraduate School
411 Dyer Rd
Monterey, CA  93943
voice:   (831) 656-3500
fax:     (831) 656-2842
DSN:    756 

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Oliver Benjamin Hemmerle

Dr. Oliver Benjamin Hemmerle, M.A.
Postfach 120840
68059 Mannheim (Baden)
BR Deutschland / RF d'Allemagne / FR of Germany

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