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[] Politically motivated attacks soar in 2005 | The Register


Politically motivated attacks soar in 2005
Turkey tops cracker chart
By John Leyden
Published Monday 27th February 2006 13:40 GMT
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Web server attacks and website defacements rose 16 per cent last year,
according to an independent report. Zone-h, the Estonian security firm best
known for its defacement archive, recorded 495,000 web attacks globally in
2004, up from 393,000 in 2003.

Mass defacements (371,000) were by far the largest category in 2005. More
targeted attacks on individual servers numbered 124,000. Zone-h reports an
increase in politically motivated attacks. It notes a growing number of
attacks were launched from Muslim countries, especially Turkey. By
contrast, the majority of attacks launched in 2004 originated in Brazil.
The most active defacer last year was Iskorpitx, from Turkey, who's bagged
90,000 websites over the last two years.

The security consultancy recorded 49 assaults on US military servers and 31
against NASA websites, a perennially popular target for attack. Zone-h's
complete report can be found here ( ). ®


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