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AW: [] Redner auf der "Hackers on Planet Earth"-Konferenz verhaftet

Bei weiss man da noch etwas mehr:

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> Gesendet: Dienstag, 1. August 2006 13:18
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> Betreff: [] Redner auf der "Hackers on Planet Earth"-Konferenz
> verhaftet
> Weiß hier jemand mehr über Steve Rambam oder seine Firma Pallorium Inc.?
> Irgendwie ironisch, dass das FBI ausgerechnet jemanden festnimmt, der auf
> einem Panel zum Titel "Privacy is Dead. Get Over It" reden soll.
> RB
> Basic&articleId=9001951
> Arrest mars second day of HOPE
> IDG News Service
> July 23, 2006
> Tensions ran high on the second day of the Hackers on Planet Earth
> (HOPE) conference, as the FBI made a surprise visit to arrest one of
> the scheduled panelists.
> Steve Rambam, a noted private investigator who runs Pallorium, Inc.,
> an online investigative service, was set to lead a panel discussion
> titled "Privacy is Dead...  Get Over It." According to other members
> of the privacy panel, four men in blue coats appeared shortly before
> the panel and led Rambam away in handcuffs.
> "If you know Steve you know he's flamboyant, and at first I thought,
> oh, it's PR, you know," said a visibly distraught Kelly Riddle, one of
> the other members of the privacy panel, to the audience. Riddle said
> that the FBI had also taken Rambam's presentation -- which included
> Rambam's laptop and around 500 pages of documentation that Rambam had
> amassed from the Internet to illustrate his talk. Riddle, along with
> fellow investigative experts Gerard Keenan and Reginald Montgomery,
> led the privacy panel sans Rambam as a question-and-answer session --
> but Rambam, whose presentation was slated to form the bulk of the
> panel, was sorely missed.
> True to the hacker ethos, at least one conference attendee was already
> sporting a "Free Steve" T-shirt a few hours later--an echo of the
> long-running "Free Kevin" campaign to release famed hacker Kevin
> Mitnick.
> Mitnick was also missing in action on Saturday; the hacker, who was
> released in 2002 after serving five years in jail, was set to star in
> the hotly anticipated "Hackers in Prison" panel, in which three of the
> most notorious formerly imprisoned hackers--Mitnick, Mark "Phiber
> Optik" Abene and bernieS--were to appear onstage, together, for the
> first time. Mitnick was also scheduled to lead an "Kevin Mitnick
> Unplugged" talk afterward.
> According to conference organizers, Mitnick was in a hospital in
> Colombia, and they did not know when he would return.
> Even without Mitnick, the "Hackers in Prison" panel captivated the
> crammed hall. BernieS described his disillusionment with the
> government following his run-in with the law. "The way we're used to
> thinking--about logic, common sense, fairness, justice -- not only do
> those things not apply; they're often not even part of the equation in
> these cases," he said.
> Abene, now a respected consultant on security and systems
> administration issues, dispensed thoughtful advice to the crowd. "I am
> earning a very decent living, ironically using the same skills I used
> to break into computers as a kid," Abene said. He continued, "If
> you're really good at getting access to systems, don't be stupid;
> don't do things like denial-of-service attacks just because you
> can...if you want to prove something to somebody, don't prove that you
> can take down their network. Prove that you can do something
> constructive with it."
> In a late-night question-and-answer session titled "Everything You
> Ever Wanted to Know About Spying and Intelligence," Robert Steele, a
> former CIA operative and national security expert, dished out scathing
> critiques of government policy. A champion of what he calls
> "open-source intelligence," Steele maintained that "Ninety percent of
> what you need to know about the real world to make intelligence
> decisions is not secret...the secrets are simply an add-on."
> Attendees swarmed the more upbeat presentations, such as an
> entertaining seminar on the science of cooking titled "Food Hacking,"
> a graffiti-art talk by the Graffiti Research Lab, and intriguing
> panels tracing the strange history of telephone hacking, also called
> "phone phreaking." Another welcome inclusion in the program was a
> presentation by Limor "Ladyada" Fried, one of the few female speakers
> at the conference, who led a consumer electronics hacking how-to with
> Make magazine senior editor Philip Torrone.
> Expect to see many more "Free Steve" T-shirts in the audience at the
> third and final day of HOPE, which features presentations on social
> engineering, tracksploits, forensic recovery, and "CryptoPhones"--and,
> hopefully, a little less drama.
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