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[] Chinese seek military ID info

Chinese seek military ID info

By Patience Wait
GCN Staff

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -The Pentagon's primary Internet backbone, the Global
Information Grid, comes under siege some 3 million times a day by
outsiders looking for a way to penetrate military networks. And the
outsiders come from all over the world, whether American script
kiddies trying to prove their skills or Eastern European hackers
looking for information they can sell.

Then there are the military cyberthreats from potential enemies.

Maj. Gen. William Lord, director of information, services and
integration in the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Warfighting
Integration and Chief Information Officer, today told an audience of
civilian Air Force personnel attending the Air Force IT Conference
that "China has downloaded 10 to 20 terabytes of data from the
NIPRNet. They're looking for your identity, so they can get into the
network as you."

Lord said that this is in accordance with the Chinese doctrine about
the use of cyberspace in conflict.

"We don't think they've gotten into the SIPRNet yet," [the classified
GIG network], he said, "though we know they have [penetrated] the
NIPRNet. There is a nation-state threat by the Chinese."

Lord said that the Air Force Research Laboratories are undertaking
projects to mitigate the threat, possibly to look at offensive actions
that could be launched, but "the rules of engagement have to changed
before we're fully engaged in cyberspace."

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