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[] neues Buch: International Relations and Security in the Digital Age

Kleine Werbung in eigener Sache. Der gerade erschienene Band ist wirklich interessant - eines der ersten politikwissenschaftlich-theoretisch informierten Bücher zu diesem Themenbereich.


International Relations and Security in the Digital Age

London/New York: Routledge, January 2007
ISBN: 9780415401852, £65.00

Editors: Johan Eriksson, Södertörn University College, and the Swedish
Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm. Sweden and
Giampiero Giacomello, University of Bologna, Italy

This book examines the impact of the information revolution on
international and domestic security, attempting to remedy both the
lack of theoretically informed analysis of information security and the
US-centric tendency in the existing literature.

International Relations and Security in the Digital Age covers a range of key topics, including: critical infrastructure protection, privacy issues, international cooperation, cyber terrorism, and security policy. It aims to analyze the impact of the information revolution on international and domestic security; examine what existing international relation theories can say about this challenge; and discuss how international relations theory can be developed to better meet this challenge. The analysis suggests that Liberalism’s focus on pluralism, interdependence and globalization, Constructivism’s emphasis on language, symbols and images (including ‘virtuality’), and some elements of Realist strategic studies (on the specific topic of information warfare) contribute to a better understanding of digital age security.

This book will be of interest to students of security studies, globalization, international relations, and politics and technology.



1. Closing the Gap Between International Relations Theory
and Studies of Digital-Age Security, Johan Eriksson and Giampiero

Part I: The Politics of Threats

2. The Virtual Sanctuary of Al-Qaeda and Terrorism in an Age of Globalization
Magnus Ranstorp

3. From ‘Cyberterrorism’ to ‘Cyberwar’, Back and Forth: How the United States Securitized Cyberspace
Ralf Bendrath, Johan Eriksson and Giampiero Giacomello

Part II: The Politics of Protection

4. Securing the Information Age: The Challenges of Complexity for Critical Infrastructure Protection and IR Theory
Myriam A. Dunn

5. Assessing Theories of Information Technology and Security for the Middle East
Hamoud Salhi

6. Public-Private Cooperation and Information Assurance: A Liberal Institutionalist Approach
Lorenzo Valeri

7. International Policy Dynamics and the Regulation of Dataflows: Bypassing Domestic Restrictions
Ian Hosein and Johan Eriksson


8. Digital-Age Security in Theory and Practice
Johan Eriksson and Giampiero Giacomello


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