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[] Paper zu Terrorismus und Internet gesucht für ECPR in Turin im September

Da ist kurzfristig jemand abgesprungen, daher wird Ersatz gesucht. Die Organisatorin Maura Conway ist eine alte Bekannte von mir, genau wie der Discussant Giampiero Giacomello.
Falls jemand Interesse hat: Schöne Grüße!

-------- Original Message --------

> Dear All,

The European Consortium for Political Research are hosting an IR
conference in Turin, Italy (just after their general conference, which
is going to take place in Pisa) from 12 - 15 September 2007. I  organized
a panel re. terrorism and the Internet from which one of the
paper-givers has recently withdrawn, so I'm after a new contributor.
Anybody interested?

Details of the panel (as it now stands) are as follows:

SESSION 3: THURSDAY, 13 SEPTEMBER 2007, 16.00-17.45
3-1 Terrorism, the Internet & International Relations

Chair: Francesco Cavatorta (Dublin City University)
Paper 1: Broadcast Yourself’: Terrorism, Reality TV, and the Youtube
Maura Conway (Dublin City University)
Paper 2: ??
Paper 3: Approaching Terrorism and Counter-terrorism: Networks and the
Michael Stohl (University of California, Santa Barbara), Cynthia Stohl,
(University of California, Santa Barbara)
Discussant: Giampiero Giacomello (Universitá di Bologna)

A related session should also be of interest:

SESSION 4: FRIDAY, 14 SEPTEMBER 2007, 8.45 ­ 10.30
4-1 Media, Power and the War on Terror

Chair: Francesco Cavatorta (Dublin City University)
Paper 1: Mass media, ‘aesthetic’ religion and new empowerments in the
postglobal world: religion, politics and new ideological technologies
Andrea Duranti (University of Cagliari)
Paper 2: Is Knowledge (Soft) Power? Intelligence in the Making of EU
Soft Power
Giampiero Giacomello (Universitá di Bologna) and Johan Eriksson
(Soderton University College)
Paper 3: Terrorizing the Global Civil Society: As-Sahaab and the
Alex Ingersoll (University of Colorado)
Discussant: Maura Conway (Dublin City University)

Further details re. the Turin conference are at http:// <>.

Anyway, if any of you are interested, please let me know.



Dr. Maura Conway
School of Law & Government
Dublin City University
Dublin 9

Tel. +353 1 700 6472
E-Mail. maura -
conway -!
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