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[] Spanien bekommt Echelon-Informationen -

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"Divide et impera" scheint die neue US-Strategie gegen die
EU-Echelon-Untersuchung zu sein.

Grüsse, Ralf
US wins Spain's favour with offer to share spy network material

The United States has agreed to share highly classified material from the 
Anglo-American Echelon intelligence network with the Spanish Government to 
help Madrid's battle against the Basque separatist group ETA. The move is 
seen as an attempt to smooth relations with Europe at a time of increasing 
tensions. [...] The deal was alluded to by Mr Josep Piqué, Spain's Foreign 
Minister, who confirmed in general terms that the US had agreed to spy on 
ETA. "It opens up a very promising field of action, so that we can 
definitely defeat terrorism. [...]
UPI hears ...

How did President George Bush secure the unexpected support of the Spanish 
government for his missile defense plans, and even Spanish premier Jose 
Maria Aznar's "understanding" of Bush's uncompromising opposition to the 
Kyoto agreement on global warming? It seems that the Spaniards, in their 
struggle against the ETA Basque terrorist group, are most grateful for 
assistance from U.S. intelligence. [...]

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