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[] das pro und contra der Produkthaftung bei Sicherheitslücken,

aus Politech, interessante Überlegung. RB

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Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 16:35:33 -0500
From: Henry Huang <hwh6k -!
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Subject: Boucher: End Liability Protection for Software Makers

And so, the "only fix it if people find out about it" mentality of the
software industry FINALLY begins to reap bad fruit, after decades of

A panel of experts assembled by the National Academy of Sciences has
recommended that the special exemptions from product liability lawsuits
given to software makers should be taken away.  Rep. Rick Boucher
in particular, is quoted as saying:

"The producers of software should be responsible for any flaws that the
software contains."

As much as everyone would like to see Microsoft sued into the ground, it
ain't gonna happen.  A much more likely scenario is that smaller
and producers of Open Source will quickly find themselves at the end of
sharp lawsuit -- clearing the way for companies who can afford to pay
lawsuits to continue as they are. Oh, the irony.


Additionally, Bruce Scheiner has some interesting comments to make about
Microsoft's attitude towards security, and how censoring bug information
hurts far more than it helps.


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