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[] Force XXI battle management system geht noch nicht in Serie,

Ein entscheidender Test der ersten volldigitalisierten Panzerdivision
war im Dezember abgesagt worden, das Ganze verzögert sich wohl noch um
ein Jahr.

Jane's International Defense Review 
14 February 2002

FBCB2 full-rate production stalled

Full-rate production of the US Army's Force XXI Battle Command Brigade
Below (FBCB2) battle management system (BMS) is expected to be set back
at least a year, following the abandonment of the Initial Operational
and Evaluation (IOT&E) which its first digital division (4ID) at Fort
had been scheduled to complete last December (see IDR 11/2001, p3). At
stake are planned orders for some 62,000 FBCB2 Applique V4+ terminals,
needed to implement wider US battlefield digitisation plans.

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