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[] Army Online-Universität expandiert,
-------------------------------------------------------------, 27.2.2002

Army online university expands in second year
By Brian Friel

The Army plans to nearly double the size of an e-learning program that
provides free online degree courses to soldiers around the world, the
program?s officials announced recently., an online portal that connects soldiers to degree programs
at universities across the country, enrolled 12,000 students in its
first year of operation, according to Barbara Lombardo,
coordinator for PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is managing the program
for the Army. The Army plans to enroll another 10,000 students by the
end of fiscal 2002. 

Under the program, soldiers enroll in degree programs with universities
and certificate programs that offer courses online through
The Army then provides soldiers with free laptops, Internet connections
and printers so they can complete their coursework. The program is in
part a
recruiting tool, aimed at potential soldiers who don?t want to have to
choose between enlisting in the Army and completing their college
degrees. It?s also a retention tool, since soldiers have to remain in
the Army at least three years beyond their initial enrollment in the


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