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[] WT 05.07.02: Inside the Ring / Al Qaida Websites,

The Washington Times

Inside the Ring

Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough
Published 7/5/2002

      Al Qaeda Web sites
      U.S. intelligence agencies are closely monitoring several Internet 
sites believed to be used by Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda terrorist 
network to communicate and spread propaganda, defense officials tell us.
      Several Web sites have been shut down by the United States since last 
year, including the Al Neda, or the Call ( That site was 
put out of action after U.S. security officials went to the server and 
ordered it closed.
      Al Neda had been a major outlet for al Qaeda. It has run propaganda 
videotapes of bin Laden and played an audiotape recently by his spokesman, 
Suliman Abu Ghaith, who late last month promised ? again ? more terrorist 
      After the plug was pulled on Al Neda, the site immediately popped up 
at another Internet address, and that site, too, was shut down. Many of the 
sites are operated by Islamic or pro-Islamic companies in Southeast Asia.
      Recently, one al Qaeda Web site presented a criticism of bin Laden 
spokesman Abu Ghaith for supposedly promising more terrorist attacks but 
failing to deliver. The site stated in a commentary that Islamic law 
requires Muslims who make threats to carry them out.
      The message has prompted the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and 
other intelligence services to begin looking closer for signs of an 
impending attack.

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