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[] offizielles zur neuen US Cyber-Security Strategy,

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werden bis zum 18.11. entgegengenommen.

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Input at all levels is critical to the development of the National
Strategy. Please email your comments to: feedback -!
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President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
September 18, 2002 

Subject: A National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace 

President Bush directed the development of a National Strategy to Secure
Cyberspace to ensure that America has a clear roadmap to protect a part
of its infrastructure so essential to our way of life. The draft of that
road map was developed in close collaboration with key sectors of the
economy that rely on cyberspace, State, and local governments, colleges
and universities, and concerned organizations. Click here to download
the draft. 

Sector groups developed their own strategies to protect the parts of
cyberspace on which they rely. They are made available online today.
Additional recently-formed sector groups have initiated the process of
developing their own strategies. Town hall meetings were held around the
country, and fifty-three clusters of key questions were published to
spark public debate. Even more input is needed. This unique partnership
and process is necessary because the majority of the country's cyber
resources are controlled by entities outside of government. For the
Strategy to work, it must be a plan to which a broad cross-section of
the country is committed. 

Eight more town hall meetings will be held around the country in the
next few weeks to further solicit and receive the views of concerned
citizens. Public comment on the Draft Strategy to Secure Cyberspace can
be made by emailing your comments to feedback -!
- who -
 eop -
 gov -
  The National
Infrastructure Advisory Committee, leaders from the concerned sectors of
industry, academia and State and local governments will add their
comments and advice to those received from the town hall meetings and
this web site. After consideration of this additional input, it is
expected that the initial Strategy will be put in final form for
issuance in the next several months. 

Technology will continue to change rapidly, and new vulnerabilities and
threats will be uncovered. Elements of our present programs may be
determined to be ineffective in the future. America's cybersecurity
Strategy must be dynamic and continually refreshed to adapt to the
changing environment. 

For the foreseeable future, two things will be true: America will rely
upon cyberspace and the Federal government will seek a continuing broad
partnership to develop, implement and refine a National Strategy to
Secure Cyberspace. We invite your comments on the proposed Draft
Strategy. Please share your input and expertise. Please submit your
comments by November 18, 2002.

Richard A. Clarke                  Howard A. Schmidt 
CHAIR                              VICE CHAIR

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