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[] Einige Quellen zum Information Awareness Office usw.,

Information Awareness Office (home page)
(led by John Poindexter)

You Are a Suspect
(William Safire, N.Y. Times) GING SCHON ÜBER DIE LISTE

Burgeoning U.S. Secret Police
"The Man From Auntie"
by Jeff Elkins

U.S. 'Ultimate Database' Run by a Felon'
(The Register, UK)

"Omniscience" - Poindexter's Laboratory
The know-it-all plan to fight terrorism

Electronic Snoops Will Make Us a Society of Open Books
(by Robyn Blumner, St. Pete. Times)

A Snooper's Dream
(N.Y. Times editorial)

'A Supersnoop's Dream'
The Washington Times

Largest Data-Surveillance System Ever Built
(U.S. Hopes to Check Computers Globally)
(by Robert O'Harrow Jr.) GING SCHON ÜBER DIE LISTE

Broad Wiretap Powers Upheld
(LA Times in Tampa Tribune)

Opinion: Security screen
(St. Petersburg Times editorial)

Big Brother Goes to Washington
(Newsweek) --

House Panel Wants Domestic Spy Agency,2933,70275,00.html

Bush Aides Mull Domestic Spy Agency

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