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[] Aktuell: US-Senat blockiert TIAO,

Normalerweise werden hier ja keine politischen Aufrufe verbreitet, aber
dieser erscheint mir aufgrund der Aktualität (und weil ich gerade was
dazu rumgeschickt habe) angemessen. Aus Deutschland ruft ja eh niemand
seinen Senator an. ;-)

-------- Original Message --------
Betreff: Senate Votes to Block TIA Pending More Info
Datum: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 18:48:04 -0500 (EST)
Von: mclark -!
- cdt -

Dear Activist:

The Wyden amendment blocking the Total Information Awareness program was 
adopted today by the Senate on a voice vote!  Thanks to those of you who
able to call your Senators on such short notice.

The amendment blocks use of the Defense Department's TIA program unless 
Congress specifically authorizes it after the Administration submits a
report the 
amendment requires about the program and its effect on privacy.  The
by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) was added to the omnibus continuing
act, the massive spending bill for fiscal 2003, now under consideration
in the 


Text of the TIA amendment (includes the Wyden amendment and a separate 
Grassley amendment that was not offered)

A January 14, 2003 letter from CDT and other civil liberties groups
urging Congress 
to put a moratorium on TIA

Bottom Line:

Basically, Senators were reluctant to let further money be spent on a
Big Brother 
program of uncertain benefit until its effectiveness is demonstrated,
assuming it can 
be demonstrated, and privacy concerns are addressed, assuming they can


Now the big challenge is to preserve the amendment "in conference." The
bill must be reconciled with a House-passed spending bill that contains
provision on TIA.  The House will appoint some of its senior Members to
meet with 
senior Senators and work out the differences between the two bills. 
There is 
pressure to do this quickly, as the fiscal year is already 3 1/2 months


If you want to make your voice heard, call your elected Member of
Congress in the 
House of Representatives.  He or she may not be on the conference
committee, but 
can influence those Members who are. Urge your Representative to
encourage his 
or her colleagues to support the Senate's TIA amendment in the omnibus 
appropriations act.

Here's how:

1. Call the local or Washington office of your Member of the House. Tell
the staffer 
who answers the phone that you want your Representative to urge support
for the 
Senate amendment  limiting Total Information Awareness funding in the
appropriations bill

Rep. Norton at (202)225-8050

2. Let CDT know how it went! Go to
feedback.cgi?membid=misr and use the feedback form to tell us what
Or you can send an email back to me at mclark -!
- cdt -
 org -

3. Lastly, please forward this message to other individuals interested
in protecting 
privacy and free expression on the Internet. They can find information
about their 
Senators at But they need to act right away.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are asking you to call your Representative because
have shown that this is the most effective way to make a difference over
a short 
period of time.  By the time the office reads your email or letter it
will probably be too 

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