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Re: [] Alternativen der Informationsgesellschaft zum Irak-Krieg


  as a pointer where this idea has been thought through to the extreme is
a trilogy from P.F. Hamilton, "The neutrinum Alchemist". This 2400 Pages
consist mostly of space opera, but there are a few remarkable concepts
described. One is the idea of a society that believes in manupulatin genes
and has succeeded to alter the human mind. All people of this society are
able to read each others thoughts. In this society no one can steal,
murder, harbor secret plans or deceive. The whole thing is based on
cooperation and mutual trust. If it's trust when you can't lie, is
something for the Kantians to decide.

To me this sound very nice to have. Like in the netherlands were having
curtains on the windows is considered to have something to hide.

Companies like, where everybody get access to nearly
COMINT quality satelite images is a step. Adoption of the Freedom of
Information Act in more countries would be great as well. Bad thoughts and
plans develop best in secrecy.

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> Colleagues,
>         I thought that I'd run some controversial thoughts past you for
> response.  Like most of you, I am largely distracted and involved in
> thinking about the current forseeable conflicts and tensions mounting
> around the world.  Call and actions for war on one side and peace on the

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