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[] Infowar wird Thema beim Weltgipfel Informationsgesellschaft,

Die internationale zivilgesellschaftliche Koordination, die den
Gipfelprozess begleitet, hat gerade ein eigenes Konsens-Dokument
erstellt, das auf der Vorbereitungskonferenz in Paris nächste Woche
vorgestellt werden wird.
Infowar ist hier recht prominent vertreten, u.a. wird eine
internationale Konvention gegen IW gefordert. Ich werde ab morgen in
Paris sein und mal sehen, wie es dazu weiter geht.
Zum Weltgipfel allgemein:

World Summit on the Information Society
12 July 2003  

Civil Society Priorities Document: (12 July 2003)
Presented to the Intersessional Meeting
Paris 15-18 July 2003

WSIS - Civil Society Working Group on Content and Themes


"Information security" issues 

Existing policies on information security often impinge unnecessarily
upon the rights of individuals, and may be technologically and
economically problematic.  The Declaration should contain, as a
statement of principle, that the informed involvement of all
stakeholders is an essential component to the development of any policy
at the local, national, and international levels.

The action plan must address efforts to create a culture of security and
confidence in technological, economic, and legal issues that help to
ensure a technologically reliable infrastructure.  This includes calling
for education and open discourse, inventories of recommended best
practices (such as OECD privacy guidelines and the European Parliament
Committee proposal for a Council Framework Decision on attacks against
information systems) and impact assessments of potential policies.

The lack of civil liberties consideration in many existing national and
international frameworks and conventions makes these solutions
inappropriate including current trends in increased surveillance,
monitoring, data-retention, mining and profiling.  The action plan
should include a call for developing means through which local and
international stakeholders can ensure equitable and just protection of
rights as international legal solutions are devised.

We oppose calls by some governments to support the Council of Europe's
Cybercrime Convention or models based on the convention. Civil society
organisations have been working for a number of years to educate and
inform the convention's development to little avail and are now opposing
its ratification because of its overly broad mandate, its insensitivity
to local issues and its disregard for civil liberties.

The WSIS should also recognize that one of the greatest threats to
"information security" lies in the militarization of information space,
including the development and deployment of "infowar" technologies and
techniques; the deployment of military software or hardware against
civilian communications systems; the domination of satellite orbits for
military purposes; and the purposeful destruction of civilian
communication systems during conflicts in violation of international
law. The WSIS should encourage the foundations for a future Convention
against Information Warfare to address these concerns.


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