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Hmmm, welchen Ruf hat der Mirror eigentlich genau?
Jedenfalls ein netter Artikel: Spionagenetz ist bereits voll aktiv.
Was mich wundert ist der Hinweis das die Lokalisierung schon möglich
sein soll wenn das Handy *aus* ist?


By Jeff Edwards, Chief Crime Correspondent

POLICE knew Toby Studabaker was in Germany on SUNDAY night thanks to a
£60billion satellite system which tracked his mobile phone even when
it was not in use.

Fearing the former marine might harm 12-year-old runaway Shevaun
Pennington if he thought detectives knew where he was, the information
was kept secret.

Instead FBI agents in London asked French authorities to announce
publicly they did not even know if the couple had entered France from
Britain, let alone moved on to Germany.

The pair were traced to Frankfurt on Tuesday when Studabaker rang his
family in Michigan and Shevaun used the same phone to call her parents
in Greater Manchester. Then, to the horror of investigators,
Studabaker "dropped off radar" because his mobile's battery went dead.

But yesterday morning, after he recharged the phone overnight,
satellite monitors were able to pick up the trail again.

Later in the morning, Studabaker triggered an electronic alarm
programmed into the computer systems of credit card companies when he
used a Visa card to buy Shevaun's airline ticket home.

By the time the information was received and confirmed, Shevaun's
flight was in the air.

A message was radioed to the flight deck telling the crew the missing
schoolgirl was believed to be on board and the plane would be met by
police on touchdown. Soon afterwards Studabaker was arrested near
Frankfurt airport.

A National Criminal Intelligence source said: "We knew Studabaker had
a mobile and we also knew its number.

"The satellite net can follow a phone with stunning accuracy all over
the world. The phone does not even need to be in use. As long as it
has power it can be located."

The system uses 24 communications satellites to target a mobile's
microwave transmissions. It can triangulate a phone's location down to
a few metres and was even able to turn on Studabaker's mobile when it
was switched off. Studabaker was filmed by CCTV arriving at Manchester
airport on Saturday.

As soon as it became clear the following day that he and Shevaun had
left Britain, police called in the FBI.

In the wake of unprecedented co-operation following the September 11
attacks agency chiefs chiefs in Quantico, Virginia, spoke directly
with Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd and promised to provide
"every resource".

Detectives consulted criminal psychologists and hostage negotiators to
establish the risk of Studabaker harming Shevaun if he felt cornered.
It was agreed there was "some possibility" he might panic and kill her
in an attempt to "dispose of evidence".

Six FBI agents based at the US Embassy in London linked with officers
from the NCIS French Desk and Manchester detectives to organise the
hunt. As the search widened, 12 more FBI officers based in Paris and
Germany were brought in to co-ordinate the operation with French and
German authorities.

The NCIS source said: "The FBI agreed without hesitation to throw
everything they could into finding Shevaun and Studabaker."


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