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[] InfoTechWarPeace project's "After 9/11" documentary now available on DVD,

After 9/11 Documentary Released in DVD Edition - 7.12.04

The critically acclaimed documentary After9/11 has been released for
general audiences and is now available for purchase on the
InfoTechWarPeace After 9/11 website [].

After9/11 offers viewers unprecedented access to a wide range of
scholars and journalists, artists and writers, governmental and military
officials, who have participated in InfoTechWarPeace events and offer
critical reflection and historical background to supplement our
understanding of contemporary world politics. The documentary will
appeal to a variety of audiences grappling with a world radically
altered by global terrorism and its conductivity through IT.

Produced in collaboration with Udris Productions [], the
hour- long film tracks the emergence of an Age of InfoTerror, from the
terrorist attack of September 2001 to the information war leading up to
the Iraq War. Two opposing voices guide the viewer through a richly
visual and openly critical appraisal of the current political landscape.
The first is a selection of national security speeches by President
Bush, which provide a chronology for the evolution of a US government
policy after 911. The second voice is novelist and Brown professor,
Robert Coover, who uses a powerful dream narration to frame a montage of
the technologies of war, media, and surveillance that have overtaken
more human concerns.

For background materials about After 9/11, to buy your own copy, or to
find out about future screenings in your area, go to the After 9/11
website at

See the Press Release here

Annick T.R. Wibben, Ph.D.
Watson Fellow & Co-Investigator InfoTechWarPeace Project=20
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