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Re: [] Das Web ist eine "riesige Informationsquelle" fürs Pentagon

Hi Ralf,

On 06.07.2006/06:19, you wrote:


Das hat ein "Brian Ulicny" ( noch als
Kommentar zu
bei mir hinterlassen:

> Thanks for your interesting followup of the AFOSR story on our (very
>  small) research project. Our project has nothing to do with TIA. We
>  are looking at weblogs that have public feeds and trying to push the
>  envelope of blog analytics beyond what companies like Technorati are
>  currently doing, particularly for the purpose of open-source 
> intelligence analysis. Blog analytics are still quite crude. You 
> currently might get a ranking of frequent hyperlinks in blog 
> postings, but that doesn't tell you, for example, when two different
>  hyperlinks point to essentially the same story but from different 
> news outlets.

Na ja...


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