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[] Boom der IT-Sicherheit, auch bei NSA und NATO -

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July 5, 2001 

5. National security needs boost sales of encryption products 
>From National Journal's Technology Daily 

Hacker and e-terrorist attacks are propelling sales of network
encryption devices as the Internet increasingly becomes a target of
cybervillains, according to a research report released Tuesday by the
consulting company Frost & Sullivan. 

With the amount of classified information being transmitted via
electronic networks on the rise, agencies like the National Security
Agency and international bodies such as NATO are increasing network
defense spending and modernizing equipment to ensure the privacy of
their information, according to the study. 
The military in particular is showing an increased interest in wireless

"Corporate espionage is an ever-present threat, and defense contractors
require quality encryption for sensitive information," analyst Brooks
Lieske said in a press release. "The 'better safe than sorry'
perspective will have a very positive influence on demand." 

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