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[] Pentagon CIO wants NMCI proof,

Pentagon CIO wants NMCI proof
 BY Christopher J. Dorobek
 Dec. 17, 2001

 The Navy Marine Corps Intranet could be a way to create a more
network-centric Defense
 Department, the DOD chief information officer said, but he stressed
that the concept of creating a single
 technology infrastructure has yet to be proven in practice.

 "If NMCI succeeds, it is a big step forward in network-centricity,"
said John Stenbit, DOD's assistant
 secretary of command, control, communications and intelligence and the
department's CIO. NMCI
 would create a central network, improve collaboration and provide
additional security, all of which align
 with Stenbit's top priorities.

 "If it happens, that would be great," Stenbit said Dec. 14 at a
breakfast presentation sponsored by
 Federal Sources Inc., a McLean, Va., consulting firm.

 NMCI is a revolution in how the Navy does business, in technology and
in contracting, Stenbit said. But
 he again stressed that the NMCI concept has not been proven.

 In a discussion following his presentation, Stenbit said that NMCI will
have to be fully stress tested on
 an operational network before he will give his approval.

 Pentagon and Navy officials signed an acquisition decision memorandum
in September that outlines the
 testing procedure and the Pentagon's oversight. The new deal uses a
step-by-step approach, allowing
 the Navy to proceed with NMCI but designating specific points at which
the Pentagon will review
 testing results before the project can continue.

 When 85 percent of NMCI has been rolled out, the Navy will conduct a
"stress test of the system to determine if [NMCI] can meet
 the performance requirements." The Navy should complete that test
before the three option years are exercised.

 The specifics of the stress test, however, are unclear. Stenbit
suggested that the Navy and Electronic Data Systems Corp., which is
 spearheading the $6.9 billion NMCI initiative, would have to test the
network "to the point of failure," a comment that surprised some
 EDS officials.

 The fiscal 2002 Defense authorization bill, which was approved by
Congress Dec. 13, gives Stenbit full review authority over NMCI
 and follows some of the language of the DOD/Navy testing agreement.

 Furthermore, it requires that the Navy appoint a "single NMCI manager"
whose sole responsibility will be managing the project.

 NMCI is the Navy's effort to create a single network that will be
operated by the NMCI Information Strike Force, a team of
 companies led by EDS.


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