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[] Re: [] SZ: Militär und Entertainment: Terrorabwehr auf dem Gameboy,

Hallo Ralf,

am Dienstag, 29. Juli 2003, 22:14, hast Du folgendes geschrieben:

RB> -------------------------------------------------------------

RB> Ein Artikel über einen Menschen, der in den USA u.a. die "Psychotronik"
RB> der Russen etablieren will und der gleichzeitig das Pentagon berät und
RB> Präsident der ?Internationalen Vereinigung für Studien in Todesnähe?
RB> ist. 
RB> Kennt jemand diesen John B. Alexander näher? Etwas mehr Infos gibt es
RB> z.B. unter Er scheint
RB> sowas wie der Winn Schwartau der Non-Lethal Weapons zu sein. Das
RB> Listenarchiv gibt jedenfalls nichts her.

Der Herr ist wohl jemand aus Stanford, Verbindungen zum Tavistock

Ich weis nicht ob das hier der gleiche ist:

Denke aber ja wenn ich die Story hier lese:

US to test weapon
January 21, 2003
THE US is ready to use an ultra-secret new weapon against Iraq - a
massive man-made lightning bolt with the power of a hydro-electric
The high-powered microwave (HPM) device, carried by a cruise missile,
would burn out the guidance systems of Saddam Hussein's biological and
chemical weapons.
The HPM is the result of a four-year research program and although
only at the experimental stage, senior Pentagon officials confirmed it would
be used.
As the missile reaches its target, the HPM would send out incredibly
powerful microwaves and "fry" the electronic innards of every computer
or microchip device within a thousand feet in any direction.
The weapon will unleash, in a flash, as much electrical power - 2
billion watts or more - as the world's biggest dams can generate in 24 hours.
Its electromagnetic pulses can travel into deep bunkers through
ventilation  shafts, plumbing and antennas.
The rockets and missiles Saddam plans to use to deliver his chemical
and biological weapons would become instantly useless.
Sources involved with the microwave program say it is still not
certain what effect the waves will have on people.
At the very least, they will heat the water in living cells and create
an "uncomfortable sensation", although only for a very brief period.
But HPMs could also knock out heart pacemakers and critical electrical
systems in hospitals or aboard aircraft.
A Pentagon source admitted: "No doubt there will be some unintended
But US experts say that, unlike conventional explosives, the HPMs will
not blow up the Iraqi weapons and spread their deadly contents into the
air to poison civilians or advancing US troops.
Research into the new weapon has been carried out at Kirtland Air
Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where scientists have tried to vary
the pulses to inflict different levels of damage.
In effect, the pulses short-circuit internal electrical connections,
wrecking memory chips, ruining circuitry and knocking out all electronic
It is similar to what happens to a computer when lightning strikes
nearby and a wave of electricity rides through the wiring.
US Air Force Colonel Eileen Walling said: "There are signs that
microwave weapons will represent a revolutionary concept for warfare, principally
because they are designed to incapacitate equipment rather than humans."
She was backed by weapons specialist Professor John Moore, of the
University of Virginia.
"You may be talking about a weapon here that is the sort of ultimate (for)
saving people - that is, putting weapons systems out of operation while not
killing the people," he said.
But some remain sceptical about HPM.
"It's been this elegant promise for decades that never quite seems to
happen," said John Alexander, author of Future War: Non-Lethal Weapons
in 21st Century Warfare.
Mr Alexander, a retired army colonel formerly in charge of the US nonlethal
arms program, said the problem with HPM is its complexity.
"Electrical components are really rather tricky," he said. "You can put the
same amount of energy into 10 identical targets and you can destroy two of
them, upset five of them and in three of them, nothing happens."
Herald Sun (Australien)


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